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Clean room wiper

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The introduction of clean room wiper: 

We have 2 options for your reference: Microfiber wiper and Polyester wiper

The microfiber wiper:

Soft, suitable for wiping lenses, screens, and other sensitive surfaces. 

(The Microfiber wiper has more thinner fiber and softer, so more suitable for cleaning the most sensitive and critical cleaning applications. such as the optical & lenses industry, glass and all kinds of screen, polishing stainless steel surface. 

It is the best choice for a wide range of industrial manufacturing applications.Superb Absorbency to oil stain, so good to use clean the oil ink, printing industry.


The polyester wiper:Durability;. Excellent edge sealing effect, minimizing the dustiness of cloth edges,suitable for various chemical solvents

The application of microfiber wiper in the industry: Scientific research, biotechnology, semiconductor, hard disk drive, pharmaceutical, photonics, solar, aerospace, defense, automotive, nuclear-related and medical device manufacturing, etc.

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