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ESD uniform

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Our garments are manufactured in strict compliance with requirements of IS09001 and ISO14001. For the very reason that we are selective about the material we use for our fabrics, we sew our garments with only continuous filament polyester thread or conductive thread. On an ongoing basis, our fabrics and garments are subjected to rigorous testing for ESD protective performance, cleanliness / particle shedding and durability.


We have many choice for you, such as ESD jacket and pants, ESD one-piece overall, ESD garment with hood, etc. Also we accept customized, we can produce it as your 

The fabric can be made with 0.5 stripe, 0.5 grid, 0.25 grid and other specifications according to customer's requirements, which can be embroidered or printing LOGO, can also be made according to customer samples, details please contact customer service. Thank you 

Headquarters Address:
No. 5, Jinyu Road, Taiping Industrial Park, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province
Call Us: +86-18120073355

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